[ Popular Downloads for March '08 ]

Rocket Launcher for Windows XP/Vista

Heres a nice little application you can't live without once you start using it..
It's basically the Mac sidebar for Windows.
You can put it anywhere you want on your desktop, add any application to it and make customize the look of it.
It has nice visual effects and doesn't require that much memory
It just makes everything a little more convenient..
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Shock 4way 3D - Beryl Cube for Windows XP/Vista

For all you windows users drooling over that cool beryl cube; well here it is..
The cube is a visual effect that allows you to have up to 4 different windows sessions (As you see in the images)

*But users beware:

Theres always a catch..
You gotta have a pretty good video card and a nice amount of memory to use this effect..
I mean you could still use it but it'll just skip and lag..

The Shock 4way 3D cube could not be uploaded to Weebly for some unknown reason, so instead I uploaded the "Yet Another Desktop Manager"..

It still has the cube effect just minus the cool background..

File Size: 1227 kb
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